Goldilocks Vegas™

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Remember Goldilocks? The little girl who broke into the home of a family of three bears, sat on their chairs, ate their porridge, and slept in their beds? Well, that little girl grew up and went to Vegas where she now shares her experience with you.

You have five tries to figure out which card belongs in each row. Each card may be too high or too low or just right for its row. For a wager of 20 points, Goldilocks will show you how many cards were too high with red markers, how many were too low with blue markers, and, by process of elimination, how many were just right. If all of them were just right, Goldilocks will pay out 300 points!

To begin, drag a card from a stack to an unoccupied row in the first column (highlighted in yellow). Or, if you prefer, you may tap the card to select it and then tap the unoccupied row. If you tapped the wrong card, tap it again to unselect it. Repeat until you have placed a card in each row of the first column.

Once you have placed a card in each row of the first column, three things will happen. First your score will decline by your wager of 20 points. Second, Goldilocks will place her markers at the top of that column to indicate how many cards were too high (red markers) and how many cards were too low (blue markers). Third, if all of the cards were just right, she will reveal the solution and pay out 300 points. Otherwise she will let you place cards in the next column (now highlighted in yellow) in the same way you had done in the first column (no longer highlighted).

Once you have placed a card in each row of this column, the same thing will happen for this column as happened for the first column. Except, you only get five tries, so, if any of the cards in the fifth column were too high or too low, Goldilocks will reveal the solution.